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the barn

In 2009, we decided that we would like to change our lifestyle. Rachel was working in London and I was working in Paris, so we decided that we would move to the country and convert a barn or a mill, or any old building. Rachel found the barn in Wembury so we decided to buy it.  Though this took longer than we anticipated. We decided that we liked Wembury and committed ourselves to living there, we bought an old cottage in Wembury that was built around 1850.

After much to and fro-ing and after we clarified the rights of way and ensured that all planning conditions could be met, we eventually bought the barn (or barns).  There are actually 3 barns, one for a garage and the other 2 in an "L" shape to be converted into our accomodation.

We have another website dedicated mainly to the barn which you can visit if you click here